Hi Erik,
 The children that you get in return are not guaranteed to be in sorted
order  and that's why they need to be sorted each time at the client side.
Hope that helps.


On 7/13/09 4:27 PM, "Erik Holstad" <erikhols...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey!
> I have been playing around with the queue and barrier example found on the
> home page and have some questions about the code.
> First of all I had trouble getting the queue example to work since the code
> turns the sequence number into an int and then try to get information
> from it, missing out the padding, which caused some confusion at first. So I
> changed it to compare the strings themselves so you didn't have to
> add the padding back on.
> So the fact that you have to sort the children every time you get them is a
> little bit confusing to me, does anyone have simple answer to why that is?
> Regards Erik

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