Nodes are maintained un-ordered on the server. A node can store any subnodes, not exclusively sequential nodes. If we added an ordering guarantee then then server would have to store the children sorted for every parent node. This is a problem for a few reasons; 1) in many cases you don't care about order, so all users would pay for ordering even if they didn't want/use it, 2) the ordering would be done by the central server, which would result in lower performance for everyone, not just the client(s)/recipe(s) that needed ordering, 3) there is no guarantee that the ordering you need (path) is the same order needed by all recipes.


Erik Holstad wrote:
Hi Mahadev!
Yeah kinda, what I was looking for was some kind of explanation of why this
is, since they are stored in a list
and it seems like new children would just be appended to the list. So I
guess my question should have been
more along the lines of something like:
What is it internally that causes new nodes not the be inserted in order?
What causes the lag from getting the
sequence number till putting it into the list?
Or is this not at all how this works?

Regards Erik

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