Hey Pythonner, thanks for the followup!

if I understand correctly, this error message is generated by hbase and not zk? Can you tell at all? (seems likely to me as the configuration you re referring to is hbase specific... but would like to verify).

Can anyone confirm, is this an issue with hbase not accepting ip addr then?


Pythonner wrote:
this is a follow-up of discussion started on twitter with

I installed HBase 0.20.0 RC2 on Ubuntu server boxes.

If I'm using machines IP in config files (see below), I get the following
error message:

'Could not find my address: xyz in list of ZooKeeper quorum servers' message
(where 'yxz' is a hostname)

my config is:


export HBASE_MANAGES_ZK=true







from vanilla Ubuntu server install, I removed the line from

Is it supposed to work well with IP addresses only?


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