I'm really psyched to see this go into the 3.3 code line, kudos to Henry and the rest of the team in getting this landed!


ps. gentle reminder - the user list is primarily for answering user questions on released software, many users don't follow future developments and can be confused as to what's current and what's future. (this comes from apache -> me -> you) I'd encourage all of you that are interested in things like Observers to follow the dev list, it would be great if you all could try out the Observers feature (and the other features that we are working on for 3.3.0) in the current trunk and provide early feedback via the dev list. Thank you.

Henry Robinson wrote:
Thanks! Also thanks are due to the entire ZK committer team who helped
enormously in getting the patch into shape.

Since the JIRA is now a long and complicated read, I want to summarise a
couple of important points here (although the docs have most of this

1. Observers must currently be used with electionAlg=0; this is due to a
limitation of the other election algorithms which is being removed in
another JIRA.
2. This is only the 'core functionality' patch - you can use Observers in
your ensembles as of this commit (and I would love to hear experiences from
people who do so), but there's more to come in terms of optimisations and
the sanding down of some rough edges. In particular, the configuration is a
bit cumbersome and we already have a JIRA open to address that.


On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 3:35 PM, Gustavo Niemeyer <gust...@niemeyer.net>wrote:

r881882 | mahadev | 2009-11-18 13:06:39 -0600 (Wed, 18 Nov 2009) | 1 line

ZOOKEEPER-368. Observers: core functionality (henry robinson via mahadev)

Sweet!  Congratulations, and thanks Henry.

Gustavo Niemeyer

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