I'll stick to the Java API - the C API feels to much of a second class citizen. Besides, I think we might wnat to try with the beta of Cygwin first before filing it in Jira.

Ultimately the goal (IMHO) should be MinGW support(?)


Patrick Hunt schreef:
Maarten, I just tried this with cygwin and it fails for me too. It seems that cygwin does not support getaddrinfo! Please create a JIRA and I'll see what we can do.


Maarten Koopmans wrote:

Has anybody managed to get the c client / dll compiled on Win32, and if so, how? I did a quick pass with MunGW and Cygwin, and they failed horribly.

I'd like to load the DLL to bind it to a scripting language on windows as well.



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