Dear developer,
   I am just making research using zookeeper as a load
balancer.Recently,I plan to test the max load it can handle.But I have
some confuse about which I must consult to you .
    Now I can handle about 300 clients with one server,when I set the
session time out is 300000000.
    In your opinion , the session time out is set in which value more
    And in your experiments, how many clients per server can handle ?
    what't more,I set the session time out is 30000000 which is a long
time.but when I run about 300 threads as clients,I get the  err info as

  2010-04-02 10:23:59,437 - WARN  [main-SendThread:clientcnxn$sendthr...@967]
- Exception closing session 0x0 to Connection refused: no further information
 at Method)
 at org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn$
  I already set the maxClientCnxns=0.
   Thanks for your reply ,and I am looking forward the further answer .
     with best wishes!

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