On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 7:27 PM, li li <liqiyuan...@gmail.com> wrote:

>  Now I can handle about 300 clients with one server,when I set the
> session time out is 300000000.
>    In your opinion , the session time out is set in which value more
> suitable?

5-30 seconds is a much more typically value.  This is about 3 days as you
have it now.

>     And in your experiments, how many clients per server can handle ?

Thousands is not uncommon from what I hear.  I have only had a few hundred,

>     what't more,I set the session time out is 30000000 which is a long
> time.but when I run about 300 threads as clients,I get the  err info as
> follows.

How many total threads across all processes?  What kind of test are you
using?  Are you opening and closing lots of connections?

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