Are you running cygwin 1.7 or 1.5? I believe there was a change btw versions of cygwin on how pthreads was supported.


On 04/07/2010 03:08 AM, zd.wbh wrote:
hi, all:

Is it possible to build an mt version of zookeeper dll lib? I've
tried, cygzookeeper_st-2.dll come out successfully, but not
zookeeper_mt.dll. Official sites says the st version is for the
platform that without a pthread lib or the pthread lib is not stable.
Does the cygwin pthread lib falls into the unstable category? Is
there any work-around to generate mt dll? Bellow is the warning:

*** Warning: linker path does not have real file for library
-lpthread. *** I have the capability to make that library
automatically link in when *** you link to this library.  But I can
only do this if you have a *** shared version of the library, which
you do not appear to have *** because I did check the linker path
looking for a file starting *** with libpthread and none of the
candidates passed a file format test *** using a file magic. Last
file checked: /lib/libpthread.a *** The inter-library dependencies
that have been dropped here will be *** automatically added whenever
a program is linked with this library *** or is declared to -dlopen
it. *** Since this library must not contain undefined symbols, ***
because either the platform does not support them or *** it was
explicitly requested with -no-undefined, *** libtool will only create
a static version of it.



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