Hmmm ... contrib repo definitely is still available. I just used it the other day. (See: )

Bummer about the missing zkCli script. I'll have to figure some way around it. Perhaps it might even make sense to downgrade to an earlier version of the package in the repo. I'd rather not install it from a tarball, though. I much prefer using a package manager.

As far as adding ZK as a first-class package in the CDH, yes I've heard it's coming. But it's not here yet, and unfortunately I need to get a ZK instance up and running ASAP.

Is there an anticipated release date for ZK in the CDH? I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd be happy if you guys released something ASAP - even if it was explicitly an alpha or beta quality release - rather than having to wait.

Thanks much for all the hard work you guys put into the CDH!



On 04/27/2010 03:39 AM, Henry Robinson wrote:
Hi David -

As far as I can tell this was not a deliberate omission - earlier versions
of the package definitely had zkCli bundled with.  Apologies for the
oversight. Can you fix by copying from a 3.2.* tarball from the
Apache site?

However, these packages are rather old, and we haven't updated them in a
while. In fact, I believe the contrib repo is no longer available. We at
Cloudera will be releasing first-class packages for ZooKeeper with the next
beta release of our distribution, CDH3 Beta 2. For more details see


On 26 April 2010 14:05, David Rosenstrauch<>  wrote:

I installed the zookeeper package (hbase-0.20-zookeeper) from the Cloudera
CDH contrib repo.  But neither it nor the hbase-0.20 package that it's
dependent on seem to supply the zkCli command line utility.

Anyone know if this is intentional and/or how to fix?



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