HI Avinash,
  The zk client does itself maintain liveness information and also
randomizes the list of servers to balance the number of clients connected to
a single ZooKeeper server.

Hope that helps.


On 4/27/10 10:56 AM, "Avinash Lakshman" <avinash.laksh...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Let's assume I have 100 clients connecting to a cluster of 5 Zookeeper
> servers over time. On the client side I instantiate a ZooKeeper instance and
> use it whenever I need to read/write into ZK. Now I know I can pass in a
> connect string with the list of all servers that make up the ZK cluster.
> Does the ZK client automatically maintain liveness information and load
> balance my connections across the machines? How can I do this effectively? I
> basically want to spread the connections from the 100 clients to the 5 ZK
> instances effectively.
> Thanks
> Avinash

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