That's the beauty of zk, it's provides primitives that allow you much flexibility in what/how you implement something. Perhaps you could sketch out a bit more detail on what you had in mind, requirements/goals and such? What I mean is, from a high level coordination perspective, then we could see how that might map down to zk operations.


On 05/19/2010 03:29 AM, David Rouchy wrote:
Hi all,

I'm studying ZooKeeper to see how we can use it in a project. I'm still a
little big puzzled by the usage of zookeeper for distributing tasks. The
usage of queue does not fully fit the bill. I was just wondering if it would
be interesting / realistic to use a kind of "election" to decide on which
znode you want to send the task?

David Rouchy

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 7:39 AM, David Rouchy<>  wrote:

Thank you for your quick answers. I'll have a look.


On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 10:14 AM, Thomas Koch<>  wrote:

David Rouchy:
Hi all,

We are studying using ZooKeeper to manage configuration across multiple
processes&  server. What would be also interesting, as ZooKeeper know
list of process running, would be to use it to distribute tasks.

We have some long running tasks, so we used multiple servers to process
multiple tasks in the same time. My idea would be to use multiple
watcher connected to one znode. A process will send data to this node
  a new task has to be launched. But here is my issue, I would like only
  watcher to be triggered of this change (a random watcher in the list).
  there way to do such thing in ZooKeeper?


David Rouchy

Hi David,

there's gearman[1], a client-server system to distribute tasks. I've
it already two times on this list, so sorry for the repetition. Gearman
servers and clients are availabe in different implementations that use the
same protocol and are interchangeable AFAIK.
If somebody would build a gearman server using Zookeeper, there would be a
whole ecosystem for ZK for free to conquer!



Thomas Koch,

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