Got it. Thanks for the explanation. It seems the ZOO_ASSOCIATING_STATE is
never passed to a watcher callback as the state argument, so I probably
don't need to care about it.

Ying-Yi Liang

On 6/25/10 11:25 AM, "Patrick Hunt" <> wrote:

> On 06/24/2010 08:32 PM, Ying-Yi Liang wrote:
>> I noticed there are a few inconsistence of session state values
>> between the C client and the Java client. I tried to search for an
>> explanation of the ZOO_ASSOCIATING_STATE (=2) declared in
>> src/c/include/zookeeper.h in the source comments and on the web, but
>> didnĀ¹t have luck. Can anyone please explain what this state means? Is
>> this state ever returned by the server?
> The session is "associating" after a TCP connection has been made but
> before the session is actually established. See prime_connection of
> zookeeper.c.
> Patrick

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