I'm trying to debug an issue that maybe you fellas have some ideas for figuring.

In short:

Client 1 updates a znode setting its content to X, then X again, then
Y, and then finally it deletes the znode.  Client 1 is watching the
znode and I can see that its getting three nodeDataChanged events and
a nodeDeleted.

Client 2 is also watching the znode.  It gets notified three times:
two nodeDataChanged events(only) and a nodeDeleted event.  I'd expect
3 nodeDataChanged events but understand a client might skip states.
The problem is that when client 2 looks at the data in the znode on
nodeDataChanged, for both cases the data is Y.  Not X and then Y, but
Y both times.  This is unexpected.

This is 3.3.1 on a 5 node ensemble.

I have full zk logging enabled.  Would it help posting these?


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