I had a question about number of clients against a zookeeper cluster.  I was 
looking at having between 10,000 and 100,000 (towards 100,000) watchers within 
a single datacenter at a given time.  Assuming that some fraction of that 
number are active clients and the r/w ratio is well within the zookeeper norms, 
is that number within the realm of possibility for zookeeper?  We're going to 
do testing and benchmarking and things, but I didn't want to go down a rabbit 
hole if this is simply too much for a single zookeeper cluster to handle.   The 
numbers I've seen in blog posts vary and I saw that the observers feature may 
be useful in this kind of setting.

Maybe I'm underestimating zookeeper or maybe I don't have enough information to 
tell.  I'm just trying to see if zookeeper is a good fit for our use case.


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