It is absolutely hard to imagine how to deal with these.

But the rest or dav layer is still *really* handy if only for debugging and
inspecting what new programs are doing.

Another dav servlet approach is found here:

I have had very good results with it and use it to expose pieces of a file
system as DAV.  It should be easy to adapt to expose zookeeper in a similar

On 5/9/08 12:26 PM, "Chris Darroch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> it would seem to be difficult or perhaps impossible to
> make effective use of things like ephemeral nodes (a key building block
> of things like locks, as I understand it) in a stateless or RESTful
> context.  If one could live without such things, though, I suppose
> there could be some value in a DAV interface or something similar.

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