Something that confuses me a little .... this fails when I have  
commented out the line adding authentication info.  Without that line  
it seems that no ACL is added to the node and I would have thought  
that invalid?

ZooKeeper zk = null;
zk =createClient();

//        zk.addAuthInfo("digest", "ben:passwd".getBytes());

zk.create("/ben2", new byte[0], Ids.CREATOR_ALL_ACL, 0, this, results);

zk =createClient();
zk.addAuthInfo("digest", "ben:passwd2".getBytes());

try {
        zk.getData("/ben2", false, new Stat());
        fail("Should have received a permission error");
} catch (KeeperException e) {
        assertEquals(Code.NoAuth, e.getCode());


So is using CREATOR_ALL_ACL without adding authentication information  
valid?  I was thinking that perhaps it should not be, but I am hoping  
someone can fill me in a bit


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