I am pleased to announce the release of TextIndexNG V 3.1.0.

TextIndexNG V 3 is a complete new implementation based on Zope 3 technologies and can be used both in Zope 2.8 or in Zope 3.

What's new?

- multi-field indexing and query support

- multi-lingual support

- configurable converters (through ZCML)

- new indexing API (allowing you to hook your custom content types with
  TextIndexNG through Zope 3 adapters).

Changes in V 3.1.0:

  - added relevance ranking based on the cosine-measure

  - new query options 'ranking' and 'ranking_maxhits' (see doc/README.txt
    for details)

  - Plone integration: created TextIndexNG3 instance are now created to
    support relevance ranking out-of-the-box. The TextIndexNG3 configlet
    inside the Plone configuration now allows you to re-create TextIndexNG3
    instances without touching the ZMI.

  - Plone integration: better support for indexing binary content stored as
    ATFile instances
    through providing a direct Zope 3 adapter implementation (see adapters/
This should dramatically improve the indexing result compared to using

  - Plone integration: all Plone content-types are now being indexed with
    TextIndexNG3 out-of-the-box by the provided adapter.

  - Bugfix: indexing binary content no longer raises a ComponentLookupError
    if a corresponding converter could not be found

  - lots of minor fixes


 - Zope 2.8+, Zope 3.1+


Project page:

For installation and documentation issues refer to doc/README.txt from the archive. It's basically the same procedure as with former versions except you *need* to recompile the extension modules. Windows binaries of the required extension modules are currently not available (any volunteers?).

TextIndexNG V 3 is published under the ZPL.

Andreas Jung

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