Zwiki is a powerful, easy to use and administer, GPL wiki engine for Zope 2. It works in both standard Zope and CMF/Plone. Version 0.47 has been released at (details below) .

It's been a quiet month at lake zwikibon...

..though, there was a quite a bit of translation activity. This month we had multiple contributions from Encolpe Degoute, Jens Nachtigall, Frank Laurijssens and T.C. Chou. There were 28 commits in total. The wiki and discussions have been pretty much problem- and spam-free.

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Zwiki 0.47.0 2005/11/06


Allow limited-depth hierarchy display, translation updates, bugfixes.

Upgrade notes

If you have some #NNN issue links which are not working, the #1179 bugfix will take effect when you edit that page (or visit PAGE/clearCache).



  • fix Add ZWiki failure on older zopes due to attempted use of btree folders - just always use ordinary folders (#1185)
  • don't warn about when there is no locale configured; log any locale/regexp-related problems at DEBUG level


  • prevent wiki-linking in reST literal blocks, like STX
  • don't add "links updated" log note everywhere during renames

Page hierarchy

  • subtopics() and offspring() can now take a depth argument to display hierarchy only to a certain depth
  • be a little smarter about not showing subtopics twice when displayed with dtml


  • don't translate "(edit)" in mailout subjects

Issue tracking

  • make #NNN issue links work again (#1179)

General - i18n

  • update pot and po files
  • remove stray zope 3 messages from pot and po files (#1188)
  • replace defaults in po files (#1190)
  • update make rules for i18n
  • zh-CN/zh-TW translations updated (T.C. Chou)
  • update french translation up to 0.46.0 (Encolpe Degoute)
  • dutch translation update (Frank Laurijssens)
  • german translation update (Jens Nachtigall)

General - skins

  • Hide access keys when printing (Encolpe Degoute)
  • page template cleanups and syntax fixes (Encolpe Degoute)


  • add a DEBUG logging function
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