[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote at 2005-4-1 17:43 -0500:
> ...
>So for instance I have a CMF root at /site/atlas ... This works fine.  The
>view is "root_view" (A FS based PT in the skins).
>If I do /site/atlas/en or /site/atlas/fr, I get something entirely

It might help to explain what you get...

>If I do /site/atlas/en/root_view or /site/atlas/fr/root_view, then I'm back
>in business.
>I'm guessing this has something to do with when the access rule actually
>gets called and so on (too early? Too late?).

Indeed. Both the "AccessRule" as well as the "default view" resolution
use the so called "__before_publishing_traverse__" hook.
You probably see a conflict for this ressource.

A workaround might be to move your "AccessRule" up in the hierarchy
(such that it does not change the "__before_publishing_traverse__"
of a content object).

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