yuppie  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 2.) test_DiscussionReply.py
> - while most test modules include tests for a corresponding module of 
> the product, these are tests for a single collector issue
> - the tests are not really unit tests, more something like integration tests

Well there are lots of those in CMF anyway, no ?

> - they don't work with Zope 2.8
> - they are not included in test_all.py

Note, test_all.py should not be used anymore. bin/zopectl test is the
way to go.

> - AFAICS there are other tests that cover the related collector issue
> Anybody wants to fix these tests for Zope 2.8? If not, I'd like to 
> remove them.

If what's tested there is also tested elsewhere, why not...


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