Just as a heads-up:

I would like to release a second beta (1.5.1beta2) this coming weekend. If no serious bugs are found, the final version (to be released 1-2 weeks later) should not be much different from the beta.

To help this process, once 1.5.1beta2 is out I would like to restrict checkins to the CMF-1_5-branch until the final CMF 1.5.1 version is released. Only serious bugs or bugs uncovered as part of the beta cycle should be checked in between 1.5.1beta2 and 1.5.1 final. Once 1.5.1 final is out the "normal" rules apply, meaning "no big feature changes on the maintenance branch" and "need to be fully backwards compatible across minor releases".

Just as Andreas has done with Zope itself, I want to champion a more ordered and timely release schedule. This implies that no one will have to scramble getting their favorite bug fixes into the CMF before a release because it was never clear when the next release came.

Action item for the active developers: Please comment if you see a problem with this schedule or the changed release philosophy.


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