Barbara Harris  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> A small number of the files and documents on a Zope 2.6.4 CMF site,
> running through Apache, should be available only to Zope members
> (managers and owners).  I have placed all these objects in a
> portal_folder called 'restricted'.  On the restricted folder I have
> deselected 'Acquire permission settings?' and selected Manager, Member,
> and Owner roles only on the following permissions:
> - Access contents information 
> - View
> All the files and documents in the restricted folder have been published
> via the default_workflow (Simple Review / Publish Policy) i.e. on the
> View permission each object's 'Acquire permission settings?' is
> deselected and the Anonymous, Manager and Owner roles are selected.

I assume you have an oldish CMF where the default workflow installed is
an old-style DefaultWorkflow. You should really not use that
default_workflow, but use a DCWorkflow (CMF Default Workflow [classic]).
The old DefaultWorkflow has weird issues with the way is sets the
acquiring of permissions.


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