Jens Vagelpohl  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> A few weeks ago I did a little bit of cleanup to standardize the 
> expression context naming schema used for the bound variables in the 
> different expession context situations used around the CMF:
> Back then I left out DCWorkflow because even though it is the standard 
> workflow for CMF now it is still somewhat "standalone" and always used 
> a more Zope-like naming scheme. Specifically, it uses "here" where the 
> CMF now standardizes on "object":
> I am proposing to add a simple alias from "here" to "object" in the 
> DCWorkflow expression context. Unlike the rest of CMF I don't want to 
> call "here" deprecated, but at least introduce more consistency.
> If no one objects I'll put that in before 1.5.1beta2

+1, consistency is a good thing.


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