Jens Vagelpohl  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > And frankly merging and cheap branches and having diff -r PREV:BASE
> > makes svn much nicer to use day to day.
> Haven't had any problem doing branches and diffing in CVS, that's a  
> purely subjective observation.

Well yours obviously is :) And obviously you can't judge in what ways
svn is better in day-to-day use if you haven't used it.

> Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to diss anyone, it's just  
> that I haven't seen many "valid" arguments for such a move that  
> really benefit most active developers.

Having single changesets and single emails for commits is another of the
imporant benefits I haven't yet talked about.

> You're "force-volunteering" people at ZC right now to do that work.
> They should have the final word, if anyone.

I don't see how I could force-volunteer someone at ZC. I'm trying to see
if people would be interested, and stress point why they should. ZC will
have the final word in any case.


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