On May 8, 2005, at 18:28, yuppie wrote:

- CMFTopic.Topic/CMFCore.PortalContent: Both these classes were using
  the now-deprecated CMFCore.utils._getViewFor method, and strangely
  enough the deprecation warning didn't show. Replaced with the
  new method of getting the view.

Maybe the deprecation warning didn't show up because the method was never called?

Yes, I think that's right. I believe DynamicType __before_publishing_traverse__ catches all those calls under normal circumstances, which is something that occurred to me after the fact.

1.) It implements different behavior than CMF HEAD

2.) It breaks backwards compatibility

I propose to use the code from HEAD and the _getViewFor code as fallback in case no '(Default)' alias is defined.

Yes, it's true. I didn't even look at CVS HEAD, I applied a "recipe" I had used for a different CMF-based software product a little while ago. I'll clean it up over the next couple days.


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