Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
Hopefully CMF 1.5 will work with Zope 2.8?! Every software has its time...and
the time of CMF 1.4 is nearly over :-)

Well, tell that to the Plone folks. Actually, IMHO I don't see the sense in trying to make it run. The only holdout I know, Plone, has always been slow to recommend/ship new versions of underlying software. So I don't see how they can plan on Zope 2.8, seeing how glacial the progress away from CMF 1.4 is...

I thought you and Whit were working on the CMF 1.5 fixes for Plone 2.1? How far are you?

We had a discussion on #plone about Plone 2.2. We might focus Plone 2.2 on new releases of CMF, Zope2+Five and optimizations like Five/Zope3 based views.


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