On May 11, 2005, at 20:08, Christian Heimes wrote:

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

Hopefully CMF 1.5 will work with Zope 2.8?! Every software has its time...and
the time of CMF 1.4 is nearly over :-)

Well, tell that to the Plone folks. Actually, IMHO I don't see the sense in trying to make it run. The only holdout I know, Plone, has always been slow to recommend/ship new versions of underlying software. So I don't see how they can plan on Zope 2.8, seeing how glacial the progress away from CMF 1.4 is...

I thought you and Whit were working on the CMF 1.5 fixes for Plone 2.1? How far are you?

We had a discussion on #plone about Plone 2.2. We might focus Plone 2.2 on new releases of CMF, Zope2+Five and optimizations like Five/ Zope3 based views.

Not far. I'm in the middle of moving for a contracting position right now. I also felt that it was useless because the decision to continue with CMF 1.4 had been made at some point. No one has told me anything about specific plans as far as newer CMF versions go.

I'm glad to help but I perceived a distinct lack of enthusiasm/ support from the Plone side. I might be wrong.


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