There is already the CMFonFive project, but now that Zope 2.8 ships with Five I'd like to see basic Five support in CMF itself:

1.) Zope3 style interfaces (similar to what exists in CMFonFive)

2.) a five_template that bridges Five slots to those available in the main_template (similar to that in CMFonFive)

3.) a base class for Five content:
The PortalContent class does not implement everything required in CMFDefault. AFAICS at least some DublinCore methods are missing. We could either add a subset as in PortalFolder or use the complete DefaultDublinCoreImpl.

These first steps can be done without breaking Zope 2.7 compatibility. I'd like to start with this on the HEAD and backport it to the 1.5 branch as soon as it is mature enough.

Any comments?



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