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There is already the CMFonFive project, but now that Zope 2.8 ships with
Five I'd like to see basic Five support in CMF itself:

Well.... you have a point. I see some options:

1. Moving CMFonFive to Zope corps CVS and simply shipping it with the
next version of CMF.

2. Moving the things that are in CMFonFive into CMFCore.

Moving CMFonFive to the CMF repository might make sense. But I don't think it is mature enough to be shipped with the CMF distribution or to be integrated into CMFCore.

And while CMF interface definitions really don't belong into an add-on product, there is nothing wrong with shipping additional tools and TypeInfo classes in separate products.

3. Moving just some parts, and thereby still requireing CMFonFive for
any reasonably CMF integration, and hence gaining very little. ;)

Maybe we first have to discuss what we want to gain with Five support.

My goal is to use Five technology for features CMF doesn't provide or that could be significantly improved by using Five. I'm sure there are other areas where CMF could benefit from Five, but these are the things I've currently on my list:

- schema based content and forms:

There are still some issues that have to be resolved in Five, but the CMF changes I proposed are all I need in CMF.

- object specific behavior based on marker interfaces:

Flon does it in a Plone specific way. I think this could become a generic Five feature, but I still have to figure out why Zope 3.1 has lost the UI for marker interfaces.

- events:

Didn't work on this so far, but it would be really nice if we could use Five events in CMF.

3.) a base class for Five content:
The PortalContent class does not implement everything required in
CMFDefault. AFAICS at least some DublinCore methods are missing. We
could either add a subset as in PortalFolder or use the complete

Well, that's still not a Five issue. But it could be a reasonably
thing to have in CMFDefault anyway.

I agree that the class as proposed would be useful for non-Five content as well. But there might be reasons to make that base class Five specific at a later point, so I thought it would be a good idea to announce it as five specific from the beginning.



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