Dieter Maurer  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
[about getObject logging missing objects]
> >Yes, logging should be there. I'll add a LOG at level WARNING somewhere,
> >I'm not sure where (after all it's unrestrictedTraverse that does the
> >catching).
> When something in the catalog tells you, there were an object
> and the object is not locatable, then this is an ERROR
> and not a WARNING -- because, you met a data inconsistency.
> Data inconsistencies are serious enough to be classified as "ERROR".

Let's not go into too much semantics here. Note that WARNING is an alias
of PROBLEM. zLOG defines these levels as:

  PROBLEM=100  -- This isn't causing any immediate problems, but deserves

  ERROR=200    -- This is going to have adverse effects.

And indeed the missing object isn't causing immediate problems.


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