looks like I don't see the forrest for the trees.

What I want to do:

I have a custom product (CMFBibliography) to handle references
to publications.

Now I want to support FTP/DAV upload of Bibtex files, which may
contain an arbitrary number of references, in the following way:

1. If the target folder is a regular portal folder it should
create a new subfolder of type 'BibliographyFolder' from my
product and in there it should create appropriate entries
for the individual references contained in the bibtex file
(the basic functionality is all there; TTW uploads work as

2. If the target folder is already a 'BibliographyFolder'
no new folder should be created but the references from the
bibtex file should be created in there right away for references
that aren't there yet or edited for those that already exist.

I know that I can use the content_type_registry to
define that '.bib' uploads should generate BibliographyFolders
but how do I distinguish the two situations sketched above?

Most importantly, I don't really see where to hook into the
framework when it comes to 'PUT' versus 'PUT_factory', probabaly
because I still don't understand the processing chain for uploads
and what's supposed to happen where and when and in which order
(calling PUT from webdav null resource calling the folder's
'PUT_factory' calling the folder's 'PUT' ???).

I do see from comments in the code that uploads of collections
aren't supported per se but it shouldn't be too hard to do
this in special cases like here anyway, shouldn't it?

Any pointers welcome.


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