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Christian Heimes wrote:
> yuppie wrote:
>> PortalFolder is not just a base class, it's *the* folder class used in
>> CMFDefault. Subclasses can mix in OrderSupport, but that has no effect
>> on PortalFolder instances.
> Oh you are right. I had in mind that all content types are declared in
> CMFDefault. In this case I have to retract my proposal.
>> That's not fair. You are free to ignore CMF development for years, but
>> you can't make other people pay for that. Upgrading from 1.5.x to the
>> latest 1.5 version has to work without *any* trouble.
> I'm sorry but I'm a little bit nervous. I have to get Plone 2.1 up and
> running on CMF 1.5 until saturday or Plone 2.1 will stay on CMF 1.4.
>> manage_renameObject is the only method that overrides Folder behavior.
>> Defunct IOrderedContainer methods should not be a big problem. After
>> all we are still in Zope 2 land with tons of inherited useless methods.
>> I'm open for any proposal that adds a *new* base class for CMF folders.
> I have another idea. The patch is attached to this mail. In short terms
> I have renamed PortalFolder to PortalFolderBase subclassed of Folder and
> created a new PortalFolder class subclassed from OrderedFolder.
> PortalFolderBase contains nearly all code from PortalFolder. This way it
> is easy to subclass from PortalFolderBase w/o ordered support.
> class PortalFolderBase(DynamicType, CMFCatalogAware, Folder):
> class PortalFolder(PortalFolderBase, OrderedFolder):
>     manage_renameObject = OrderedFolder.manage_renameObject.im_func
>     tpValues = OrderedFolder.tpValues.im_func
> All tests are running fine.

I'm +1 for this, but you can't expect us to release a new CMF 1.5
release by Saturday.  If you are OK releasing a Plone 2.1 beta atop CMF
1.5.2b1, then we could probably agree to tag that beta by then.

Yvo, Jens, Florent:  you were the last ones to chime on on the "CMF
1.5.2" thread;  would that work for you, assuming we merge Christian's

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