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On 2.1-cmf1.5 branch of Plone, creating a "CMF Folder" with an index_html document does not work - the index_html is not set as the default page. At the moment, this also breaks for ATCT "Folder" items, but I know why this is and Tiran and I should be able to fix this tomorrow. For CMF Folders, however, I'm quite confused.

As detailed in my investigations a few weeks ago, Plone uses the __browser_default__ hook and delegates to PloneTool.browserDefault() to implement the logic to determine what to display as a default page (note that this includes support for things like ITranslatable/LinguaPlone, selectable layouts etc.). It seems this no longer gets called. I am having a hard time finding out how this is meant to work in CMF 1.5. Can someone shed some light on how the default_page/index_html mechanism is meant to work with CMF 1.5 folders and documents?

(Btw: We have some unit tests for this in testBrowserDefault.py which pass, but these tests PloneTool.browserDefault() directly. The problem is that this method is never being called.)



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