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On 2.1-cmf1.5 branch of Plone, creating a "CMF Folder" with an index_html document does not work - the index_html is not set as the default page. At the moment, this also breaks for ATCT "Folder" items, but I know why this is and Tiran and I should be able to fix this tomorrow. For CMF Folders, however, I'm quite confused.

As detailed in my investigations a few weeks ago, Plone uses the __browser_default__ hook and delegates to PloneTool.browserDefault() to implement the logic to determine what to display as a default page (note that this includes support for things like ITranslatable/LinguaPlone, selectable layouts etc.). It seems this no longer gets called. I am having a hard time finding out how this is meant to work in CMF 1.5. Can someone shed some light on how the default_page/index_html mechanism is meant to work with CMF 1.5 folders and documents?

1.) By 'CMF Folder' you mean PloneFolder objects, not CMFCore Folders. Right? PloneFolder inherits from CMFCore Folder, but might not work with Method Aliases out of the box.

2.) _guessMethodAliases tries to set useful Method Aliases, but the result is not always satisfying. The guessing mode is disabled if the FTI data has an 'aliases' key or existing FTIs have an '_aliases' attribute.

3.) If you remove all method values on the aliases tab of the type info, the Method Aliases machinery is disabled and the traversal should work exactly as in CMF 1.4.

4.) If you set the '(Default)' alias to index_html, index_html is called. If you don't set it or set it to '(Default)', __browser_default__, index_html or __call__ is called depending on the class.



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