Encolpe Degoute wrote:

yuppie a écrit :

| I think it's worth the effort to migrate DCWorkflow Actions to the
| CMFCore Actions machinery for CMF 1.6. And in that context your
| proposal is a move in the wrong direction.

Now that actions machinery has been refactored in CMF 1.5, I would use
these new implementation instead to the old code.
There's to class using actions: transitions and worklists. Does
anybody have specific request on these migrations ?

Please be aware of the fact that some Action code has been further refactored on HEAD. If you plan to land your changes on the 1.5 branch, it might make sense to backport some stuff from HEAD. (I can do that if necessary.)

BTW: I'm not at all happy with the worklist Actions. They are very expensive and specialized. And they are in the wrong place because they are often not workflow specific if you have more than one workflow. Maybe they should be marked as deprecated instead of improved?

Cheers, Yuppie

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