On 28 Jun 2005, at 11:25, yuppie wrote:
Well. I don't consider this a release candidate. There are still issues with Zope 2.8.0 compatibility. Some of them are resolved on the Zope-2_8-branch, but I think we should try to make CMF 1.5.2 work with Zope 2.8.0:

At this point the policy is very simple:

- releases are timed

- if you feel something must make it into the next release it is up to you to mobilize either yourself or someone else to make it happen within the release schedule.

There aren't any specific "goals" for these third-dot-releases per se, including an explicit goal that "CMF 1.5.2 must work with Zope 2.8". It is desirable, yes, but won't hold up a final release until someone finds it urgent enough to do something about it. Remember, there is always the next third-dot-release...

Can't speak for Florent and what he has or hasn't done. Same policy applies. If someone finds an issue urgent enough... etc.

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