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1.) catalog migration is broken

A copy 'n' paste of the latest manage_convertIndexes code to CatalogTool
should fix this.


Looks like there are still unresolved issues with manage_convertIndexes:

The risk of overriding the ZCatolog method is that Zope 2.8.1 will have more fixes than CMF 1.5.2.

2.) CMFBTreeFolder is broken and should be moved to the CMF


That can't be fixed in the CMF for 2.8.0 compatibility.  Getting the
module aliases stuff to work right if the thing being aliased is really
there is painful.

Could you please elaborate on this? What are the problems with module aliases?

3.) undoable_transactions behavior changed

If the old behavior is not restored in Zope 2.8.1 we have to adjust CMF.

We won't adjust CMF to work around this behavior unless Tim decress that
the new behavior is permanent.  I don't think we should hold up the CMF
release for this issue either way.

Tim restored the old behavior for Zope 2.8.1, so this one is resolved.

Besides that, I'm a bit confused by the fact that Florent didn't
backport his latest CMFSetup changes to the CMF-1_5-branch.

I think he thought he had dones so already.

Florent is working on this:



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