Florent Guillaume wrote at 2005-7-1 17:19 +0200:
>In many places, CMFSetup exports and imports things like titles and  
>descriptions. For instance, for the workflow states and transitions.
>These fields can often, outside the USA, contain non-ascii strings.  
>How do we export and reimport them ?
>1. We can export by converting them to unicode, and the ZPT will  
>render that as UTF-8. Which charset do we assume ? Anything better  
>than "locale.getlocale()[1] or 'latin1'" ?
>2. When importing, do we set the values (attributes) as unicode, or  
>do we try to re-convert to the above charset...

I think, we should keep all text as Unicode -- even in
english speaking environments....

If this is not an option, the external format should use Unicode
and some configuration parameter (Plones uses "site_encoding")
converts from/to the external Unicode.

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