Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I just finished migrating the CMF and related projects from to, from CVS to Subversion. All tags and branches have moved, unlike Zope itself there won't be some development using CVS and some using Subversion. These are the packages:

- CMF_Hotfixes
- CMF_Extras

They packages became new toplevel projects at, as can be seen here:

Pending final agreement on the CMF list (or an overriding word from the CMF Pope himself) will now be the canonical location for CMF sources.

+1 for using the new repository, looks great so far.

Two minor issues (almost non-issues):

1.) AFAIK we don't use these keywords: 'Author', 'Date' and 'Revision'. Maybe they should not even be set.

2.) The virtually empty products like CMFCollector, CMFStaging and CMFTracker don't make much sense in a new repository. I guess they should be removed from CMF trunk. (The real products are in CMF_Extras)

Cheers, Yuppie

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