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Florent Guillaume wrote:

Jens Vagelpohl  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I just finished migrating the CMF and related projects from
cvs.zope.org to svn.zope.org, from CVS to Subversion. All tags and
branches have moved, unlike Zope itself there won't be some
development using CVS and some using Subversion. These are the packages:

- CMF_Hotfixes
- CMF_Extras

They packages became new toplevel projects at svn.zope.org, as can be
seen here:


Excellent, thanks for that.

I'd like to propose renaming the main branches from things like
"CMF-1_5-branch" into just "1.5".

Is anyone opposed to it?

-1.  I wouldn't be opposed to something like 'CMF-1.5-branch', but I
don't want to have to keep *all* the branches checked out in order to
distinguish them by directory path.

I'm not sure I understand the objection. For a checkout you could do:

cd ~tres/svn
svn co svn+ssh://..../CMF/branches/1.5 CMF-1.5-branch
svn co svn+ssh://..../CMF/tags/1.5.2beta2 CMF-1.5.2beta2

There are not hard relations between the name of your checkout and the name in the repository. "1.5" in the repository gives cleaner svn URLs.


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