On 1 Aug 2005, at 17:53, Geoff Davis wrote:
On Mon, 01 Aug 2005 17:30:20 +0100, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

It would help everyone if the CMF side opened up a little
more to ideas coming down from Plone, and if the Plone side stopped
reinventing wheels that would be much better off (and benefit
everyone) in the CMF or other non-Plone core products.

Perhaps some specifics would help.

* What wheels do you think Plone has reinvented?

* Are there any particular things in Plone that you think should be pushed
down into CMF?

I don't have anything specific in front of me right now. It is a comment on the massive development effort going into Plone but the trickle that happens at the CMF level, and that most of the CMF level stuff is done by non-Plone people.

The general mindset of most Plone developers, as I perceive it from the CMF side, seems to be one of "I'm in Plone code, and I know what to do here, and I don't need to look beyond my world". Very few developers have a broader view and even think of pushing generic functionality or even specific improvements to core functionality that originates in the CMF down to the CMF level. It seems easier for them to monkeypatch and override directly inside Plone code.


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