Alec Mitchell  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Monday 01 August 2005 06:55 am, Florent Guillaume wrote:
> > However I'd like to urge the "Plone guys" (95% of which don't bother to
> > read or post in this list) to move their collective butts and actually
> > implement forward-compatibility in Plone itself rather that, once more,
> > tying the release of a base software to their own schedule.
> I'm on here too, though pretty quiet.  I've even been subscribed here longer 
> than I have been subscribed to plone-devel.
> As stated, the only important issues are minor bugfixes in CMF 1.5.  We'd be 
> OK without them, but everybody would be better off with them.  Maintaining 
> our own monkeypatch set with every svn fix to CMF is a bit untenable.

Agreed. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so harsh. I was just trying to
advocate a technical solution which, in my experience, makes it quite
easy to manage unsynchronized releases.


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