Alright, it's out now. I probably spent 90% of the last two hours fighting which was near-unresponsive...

Anyway, since this is a beta the usual precautions apply:

- No non-critical-bugfix checkins on the CMF 1.5 branch until CMF 1.5.3 final is out

- Please help test the release, especially the changes shown below that have flown in since the last release.

CMF 1.5.3 will be the release Plone 2.1 final is based on (if nothing bad happens in the meantime), it will see very widespread use, so good quality control is important. I am hoping we can have a quick beta cycle with just this beta release. Please test! ;)

Bugs Fixed

    - Changed the INSTALL_SVN instructions to conform to the new branch
      and tag naming scheme instituted for the subversion repository.

    - Apply an interim fix for slow pathwalking implementation in
development mode on Windows ( CMF/367)
      Note that a better fix would be to leverage pywin32 APIs for
      file / directory monitoring.

- FSObject.manage_doCustomize() was broken for folderish objects on Zope
      2.8 because manage_permission requires a context to work.

- CMFCore/FSPropertiesObject and CMFCore/FSMetadata: Removed a wrongly
      inserted DeprecationWarning in the FSPropertiesObject class and
      put it into the FSMetadata class. We are not deprecating ".props"
      files, but ".properties" and ".security".

    - Change CVS checkout documentation to their equivalent Subversion

    - In CMFSetup, make sure to give special treatment to both CVS and
.svn folders where this is necessary (e.g. to implicitly skip them
      when importing profiles)

- Made sure FSDVTest always deletes its temporary folder on tearDown.

    - Fix DefaultWorkflowDefinition bug on isActionSupported() for the
      keywargs support to reflect DCWorkflowDefinition changes. Add a
      test case for this definition as well.


    - CMFCatalogAware: reindexObjectSecurity() now always reindexes the
catalog objects without changing their catalog uid. This is useful
      for third-party code that indexes objects with special uids.


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