Julien Anguenot wrote:

> Why don't you create your own FSXSLTemplate object ? It's pretty easy to
> register this kind of objects within the CMF using the dedicated
> registry. It might even sub-class FSPageTemplate if it makes sense in
> your case. I would do it like this myself.

We could, but kupu seems like the wrong place to be registering such as 
general purpose object. A better place might be Archetypes (both kupu and 
archetypes currently register xsl file extensions), but it sounds to me 
like a general enough requirement that possibly it should just be in 
CMFCore (also, kupu can run without Archetypes being present & vice versa, 
so if either defined a suitable class they would both need to define it).

Yes, subclassing FSPageTemplate to not lose the extension by default would 
be sufficient.

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