yuppie wrote at 2005-8-11 09:36 +0200:
> ...
>> Can we give "CMFCore" its own domain?
>> We would like to use "CMFCore" without any reference to
>> "CMFDefault".
>Are you concerned about imports from CMFDefault or do you see a need to 
>ship CMFCore with its own translations?

We build applications on top of CMFCore (we see as a very
efficient framework -- thank you) but without CMFDefault.
(we see as a rather pure portal implementation).

Of course, messages emanating from CMFCore should be

If would be nice if the message catalog translating
CMFCore term were independent from the (probably much larger)
CMFDefault catalog. Especially, we would like to continue to deploy
our application without a need to include the CMFDefault product.

If this does not interfere with giving CMFCore the domain
"cmf_default", then I do not have objections to use this
domain for "CMFCore" as well.

>My plan was to define this in CMFCore.utils::
>   CMFCoreMessageID = MessageIDFactory('cmf_default')
>That way there is no need to import something from CMFDefault but 
>CMFCore translations will have the 'cmf_default' domain.

Can you nevertheless have a small message catalog for CMFCore
terms and another one for CMFDefault?

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