Hi Dieter!

Dieter Maurer wrote:
If would be nice if the message catalog translating
CMFCore term were independent from the (probably much larger)
CMFDefault catalog. Especially, we would like to continue to deploy
our application without a need to include the CMFDefault product.

If this does not interfere with giving CMFCore the domain
"cmf_default", then I do not have objections to use this
domain for "CMFCore" as well.

AFAICT a separate 'cmf_core' domain would be the best solution to support your use case, but

a) at the moment there is only *one* MessageID in CMFCore. If more messages are converted to MessageIDs depends on contributed patches / bug reports.

b) it is easy to split the domain at a later point.

c) we are currently cheating with portal_status_messages sent through a redirect. CMFDefault always translates them in the cmf_default domain.

d) Florent voted against it.

Can you nevertheless have a small message catalog for CMFCore
terms and another one for CMFDefault?

I'm afraid not. At least not now. But with a small script you should be able to extract a CMFCore message catalog yourself.



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