Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

On 25 Aug 2005, at 18:27, Paul Everitt wrote:

Hi, CMF folks. Munwar and I would like to start public discussion about Goldegg, a funding initiative for advancing Zope 3 in the Plone/CMF/Five software stack. In summary, Goldegg provides funding to get Zope 3 into the near-term roadmaps of the stack. Specifically, the funding initiative helps get the leaders of these roadmaps working in coordination on the next releases.

<sound of crickets>

Yeh, yeh, ya got me on that one. :^)

Hm. I think we're waiting for more details ;)

Ok, here's some more details, sorry for the delay!

There is a site:

...with an FAQ:

...and a "primer" about the Goldegg funding initiative:

In a sec I'll send a note about a sprint. The site has other material which I'll be finishing in the coming days and discussing separately.

But in general, kudos to the scheme as a whole. It is a fantastic idea to put actual customer funding into the freely available software stack which hasn't seen much of that in its history. Most funding has always gone to specific customer projects where good ideas or software tend to be locked up, out of reach of the core software package.

Right, and worse, the funding is almost exclusively to create new software. There isn't much funding for people that guide the whole thing and make long-term decisions. ZC has carried the weight on this throughout the years and we're all lucky for this. Hopefully this initiative will go a step further and fund people in the community that play this role.

Let's see how this idea goes. I'm trying to be safe and quiet during this early period while we figure out how to support you guys on the CMF 2.0 release.


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