whit wrote:
Yes.  The current roadmap[1] calls for updating the CMF itself to
exploit Z3-via-Five in a number of ways;  such a UI would be very useful
in that effort.  It might even be useful *without* the catalog stuff
(but I haven't looked at what the exact dependencies are).

A primary reason for the plip was the exposure of apidoc within Plone.

Also, iirc, yuppie was talking about creating a more general framework for using stub interfaces, and it would be nice to roll all of these efforts into one at the lowest possible level.

Right. I have a working prototype that adds an 'interfaces' tab to most Zope objects in the ZMI. But finishing this has low priority for me and there are still some unresolved issues:

1.) It depends on zope.app.introspector, but the introspector is deprecated in Zope 3.1.

http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope3-dev/2005-March/013763.html says marker interfaces are YAGNI. Looks like this should be discussed with Zope 3 people.

2.) All empty interfaces are addable as marker interfaces, but there are many empty interfaces that aren't useful as marker interfaces.

I guess we need a more explicit way to specify marker interfaces.

AFAIR (didn't look at Flon for a while) Flon has the same issues.



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