On 3 Sep 2005, at 21:00, Geoff Davis wrote:
IMHO they should not fail, they just should not be run. People with a
"normal" CMF 1.5-based setup and without ZopeTestCase should not see
failing tests because another third-party package is not installed.
That's confusing.

Well, it's not exactly a 3rd party product -- it's part of Zope! But I'm
sure something can be worked out to make sure people aren't confused;
hopefully the tests can just not be run via something along the lines of
what Tres suggested.

Part of Zope version 2.8 and up, that's the problem. If you were to run a clean Zope 2.7.x, downloaded a release version of CMF 1.5.x and ran the unit tests, would you expect to see any breakage? I wouldn't want to see that at all if I were a normal user. Of course I *absolutely hate* to see that as a CMF developer in the same situation ;)


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