Thanks for the feedback - I hadn't looked where you suggested, and I'd been thinking about starting with the catalog, so I managed to avoid two potential pitfalls before starting (very pleasing!).

I've written handlers for the cookie crumbler and for the mailhost - not exactly rocket science but actually very informative as they are pretty simple (well, the simplest!) tools. I started off looking at all the code, and found that I didn't need to look at most of it to get things working. I also feel like I've also come up with a bit of a methodology that's useful to follow when trying to write handlers, so I will write up a brief HowTo at some point - grateful for some feedback on this. No unit tests yet though...

Some vague questions though:

- in what way is the setup tool code 'likely to change'. i'm interested to find out more about what's planned, and also how to make the setup scripts less brittle?

- i found it tricky that i couldn't look at some sort of schema for the inout/output of an import/export step: there is some information which is only captured in zpt templates. is this something useful to think about more? i also wondered if attaching types into the schema would make the import configuration simpler (e.g. i could specify in the schema that a property should be interpreted as an integer, and not in the import configurator: which would make it easier to read).

- in cmf core + default, the mailhost is just referenced by self.MailHost. Should this be a getToolByName? and/or should the MailHost be a unique object so the id doesn't change? and should we always assume it's a child of the portal object? i wasn't sure what the 'correct' way to reference it was, to ensure it was available to import.

I'm sure I had another question, but I can't remember now...!



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